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Pulp Fiction

This award-winning classic describes the everyday happenings of gangsters in the city of Los Angeles and the people affected by their “work”. The movie consists of four intertwining stories that beautifully illustrate the criminal scene of Los Angeles, in a dark yet humorous and satirical way. The movie shows us a glimpse of the lives of two veteran hitmen, the spoilt and pampered wife of a mob boss, an aging (yet tough) boxer and two petty criminals trying to make a quick buck. The stories, which seemingly look unrelated, slowly converge and fit perfectly to complete this masterpiece.

It is not an unknown fact that Pulp Fiction is considered as one of the best movies ever made. This statement can be supported by referring to the rave reviews this movie got when it released and still gets even today. The movie is known for the then unique style of storytelling and the dark humor present throughout the film. The movie was also given thumbs up for its catchy soundtrack, its quirky and memorable characters, the scene transitions and its “colorful”, yet humorous script and the outstanding performances of the actors involved; especially Samuel L. Jackson.

Damn straight.

One of the things that I look out for in a movie is the story and the presentation. Pulp Fiction gets full marks in both these areas by me. Although the movie is quite trashy with the extreme display of gore, frequent drug use and very foul-mouthed characters, it somehow manages to connect with me. I like the movie for all the reasons mentioned in the paragraph above, but there is one more reason why the film clicked for me; the simplicity. You see a lot of movies using similar methods of storytelling which just end up confusing you in the end. However, this doesn’t happen in Pulp Fiction. The situations presented in the movie are quite random, but still it connects quite easily with the audience. For example, in one point of the film, the two hitmen are casually talking about hamburgers and one of them talks about his vacation in Europe. This conversation has nothing to do with the film’s storyline, but it is these moments that connect you to the film. It’s this casual simplicity that you share with your friends or family in real life that you find in Pulp Fiction. This simplicity is what made me like the movie.

Pulp Fiction is an odd, random and a very unconventional film presented in a very cool and gritty way. The movie portrays the direst of situations in a very humorous and satirical manner. It is a well-known fact that Pulp Fiction is definitely one of the greatest films of the 90’s. This is quite obvious by looking at the massive fan following this movie has generated and how it has influenced the art of movie making and pop culture. Truly, from the beginning to the end, the movie keeps you immersed with its randomness and simplicity. From foot massages to gunfights, from disco to bacon, Pulp Fiction has everything! Truly, it is a movie that never fails to entertain!

And that's why we like Pulp Fiction!


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