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Just Cause 2

So, what is Just Cause 2 about? Its all given in the game cover itself. Yes, the game is about dodging rockets, jumping on cars, annihilating armies, blowing stuff up, jumping of buildings and crap AND still making it home to watch the sun set. This game is like any other summer flick. It basically has gunfights, explosions and car chases. Its a good game to pass your time when you are bored. And when you want to blow up stuff.


Well, lets get to the story. Its about a Latin dude called Rico Rodriguez who works for an agency, creatively named, “The Agency”. He basically blows stuff up for them and America. The game is set in a fictional South-east Asian island nation of Panau. Panau’s new leader, Pandak Panay, has severed all ties with the US government. So its Rico’s job to remove him from office. Also, he supposed to track down a former Agency Agent who has seemingly gone rogue.


Yea, thats the story. To me it sounds like the script of a really bad B movie. The game has really bad voice acting and script. It just reminds me of  family comedies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. But then again, this game can be truly fun if you want it to be. First of all, don’t expect any realism in the game. Rico can take an ungodly amount of bullets and explosions and still manage to trot to his car/bike/boat/plane (usually stolen). Also, you have an infinite amount of parachutes in the game. Yes, INFINITE PARACHUTES. This game clearly shows realism the proverbial “finger”. But still, these aspects of the game and the beautifully rendered environment are what make Just Cause 2 special. I mean, you see drive by’s and car to car battles in almost every free-roaming action game nowadays. But only in this game you can actually jump ONTO a bad guys car and teach him some manners. And by teaching manners, i just don’t mean pumping him with 70 bullets or something. No my friend, you can a lot more. For example, you can tether the entire vehicle into the ground! Or plant a C4 on the car and jump onto another car! Or hell, just jump of a bridge! Its a real sight to watch cars flying, explosions and flying exploding cars!

How lovely!

Getting used to the controls might take a while, but once you do get used to them….My oh my! The game just gets EPIC! The possibilities in this game are limitless! You can do almost anything! You can sky-jack planes, tow people down the street, tow a freaking helicopter across the sky using a jet, “drive” a boat down a cliff, whip people to death and whatnot! The only limit is your imagination! And do you know how you unlock new missions? YOU BLOW UP STUFF!

Admit it. You always wanted to do that!

Another appealing part of the game is the environment. Panau is a BEAUTIFUL island! Its got everything from lush green rainforest’s to scorching deserts to scenic alpine terrains. The water effects, the sunsets, the rain. Everything just seems amazing! Also, this island is HUGE! It will take you weeks, maybe months to uncover all the locations on the map. This, combined with the magnificent environment makes exploration in the game a real treat. Another aspect of the game that will keep you hooked is the realistic vehicle damage and the rag doll effects. You experiment with weird and random stuff in this game for hours. Right now, i am trying to drive a car of a cliff and tether it to the cliff-face, without the vehicle blowing up obviously.


Just Cause 2 is a game in which your imagination is the only limit. You can practically do anything you want in this game. From bringing down statues with a scooter to riding an oxygen tank to the sky, this game is the closest you can get to be Rajnikanth. But this “Rajnikanthism” is what makes it special. The impressive graphics and action sequences will keep you hooked onto the game. I mean, which game allows you to strap C4 onto missiles while they are flying through the air? The only downside of the game is its story line. Besides that, this game is just plain awesome!
Presentation: 6
Yea….about that….its just like some really bad B grade movie. The script is boring, repetitive and really really corny.
Graphics: 9
Minus the cut-scenes, this game is a visual spectacle! You will never get tired of the beautifully rendered island of Panau. Also, the explosions and other action sequences of the game will surely blow you away!
Gameplay: 9
Gameplay is fun as hell! I mean, you get to blow stuff up for christ’s sake! The question is not “What can i do in this game?” It is “What can’t i do in this game?” Keys may take a while to get used to, but its fun nonetheless.
Sound: 8
Again, ignoring the horrible voice-acting, the sound in the game is quite impressive. Explosions heard from a distance just sound epic!
Just Cause 2 is a riot! It is one game that never fails to bore you. The gargantuan island will take unnatural hours to fully explore. Also, the replayability is off the charts! Technically, to replay a game, you need to finish it. And that may take quite a while with Just Cause 2. But still, this game offers easily over 200 hours of gameplay. The graphics and gameplay mechanics keep you hooked to the game for so long that you lose a sense of time (been there). Ignoring the story and cut-scenes, Just Cause 2 is one of the best free-roam games to hit the market!
I give the game an 8



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