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Change yourself and the world changes for you…

Everywhere we go, we see progress and we see change. Nowadays especially, there’s always something new, always something different. Sometimes it just seems like the world is in apathy; no one cares about what’s going on, about what’s happening. Sure, people know what’s happening in the world; they watch the news and read the newspaper in between their busy, hectic lives, but it is almost as if the enormity or the gravity of the situation does not seem to sink in. They just continue living how they used to live. They don’t seem to care about the injustice that’s going on in the world, and even if they do have some sympathy, they usually don’t seem to do anything to make a difference. Yet everyone complains, about how they think the world is full of injustices, and how so many horrible things are happening around the world. They all crave change; we all crave change. A world where there is peace and harmony, where on a regular basis innocent souls aren’t hurt; and human beings are truly humane.

“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

 -Aldous Huxley

If we want to see a change in the world, then we have to start changing ourselves. Start with small changes, and surprisingly enough, these small changes will make the biggest differences in the world. Sometimes, when we’re down and blue, a really cheerful or happy person can really make a difference to our mood. Similarly, when a really angry person comes in and starts irritating us, we also get really irritated and start screaming at people, which spoils the mood of others as well. This is why people say that the world changes with us, because the world reacts to a person based on his/ her personality and character. So if we expect people to be happy and cheerful, shouldn’t we be that way too?

An example would be; It is common to hear urban Indians complain about how their counterparts lack civic sense; how it is common to see their surroundings dirty and smelly. Yet, do they hesitate to throw their thrash outside?  Do they make any attempt to clean up the mess? All we do is talk.  We all know about the side effects of plastic on environment. Yet it takes a ban from the government/municipality that stops us from using it regularly. There are many ways by which we can make a difference and end the degradation of the environment. We have to take a personal stance and one day it will become a collective stance which will help save our earth. Be the change, and the change will follow.

Its not a  hardly surprising when people are judged for thinking differently, and criticized for fighting the system even when we know there are flaws in it. In India, when many years ago, societies expected women to behave in a certain way, which lead to certain practices being imposed on them. But certain people didn’t like that. Certain people stood up to the system. Certain people like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Jyotibha Phule, really made a difference in India. They aren’t the only ones who strove for more or less equal rights for both men and women, but they made a big difference, influenced a lot of people and encouraged people to get up, and try to change the society. They were criticized and considered immoral or evil by society at that time. But did that stop them? No it didn’t. The biggest changes have taken place in the world when a few people raised their voices against the norms, and fought for equality. They may have been criticized and ridiculed at that point of time, but they believed in themselves and wanted to see a change in the world, which is why we still remember their names, and they are still admired.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead 

One person in recent times who has influenced the youth of our country is Anna Hazare. This man has almost single-handedly has taken on the institution of corruption and has whipped up a storm. When he started off, he had nothing but his own convictions. Today, Indians all around are rallying around him. We Indians were putting up with corruption at different levels silently for ages. Nobody did anything because they did not believe they could make a change. After Anna Hazare’s clarion call, the people have found a platform to express their anguish about the pathetic condition of our government. However, it doesn’t stop there. Each of us Indians must vow never to either accept or give bribes, to choose our representatives based on their merits and not choose them on the basis of their religion or caste. Then the change towards a “Shining India” will be inevitable.

So we can see that one person, can truly make a difference in the world. But we have to learn to be the change that we want to see in the world. If we change ourselves, we can change the people around us, and they can in turn change the people around them, and before we know it, we’ve started off a chain reaction of change. If we want to see a change in the world; if we want to wake up to a brighter day, then we must continuously change ourselves, because personal change is the reflection of our inner growth and empowerment.  Stop waiting for other people to get up and try and change the world, because if everyone behaved like that, we all would just spend our lives waiting. We need to be brave and follow our heart and stand up against the evils of the society. We owe it to our forefathers and to our future generations.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

― Barack Obama


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