The Way of the Word awaits…

The real problem is “us”…

The current state of the world is just saddening. Just tune into a news channel, it’s like a nightmare. People killing each other over religion, the planet is being destroyed, thousands dying of starvation, riots are becoming rampant, corruption has become the new “in” and the list goes on! However, this is no nightmare; this is our world, the world we live in.  The world is filled with problems of every conceivable nature and they are only growing worse, and greater in number.Why is this happening? What is the cause of this instability in the world? I believe the real problem is us. We give our own personal interests the highest priority. We always look for a solution of a  problem through perspective that is comfortable to us. Very rarely do we actually put our self in the other persons shoes. What is this “us” anyways? Isn’t it us human beings in general? Then when we look for our benefits, where does the problem arise? It arrives when we differentiate ourselves; differentiate ourselves based on color, caste, religion etc. It is because of this different uses of the word “us” that the world is the current pathetic state. People promote their religion saying “My religion is the true one. Everyone is equal. You are wrong because you don’t follow my religion.” That sentence just contradicts the one before that. Isn’t this going on around the world? The Holy War is what some people call it. “If you don’t follow my religion peacefully, violence is what you get.” Isn’t this in conflict of the most basic tenet of a religion? Peace?  Our world is full of contradictions. On one side of the planet, people are starving to death. On the other side, people are wondering whether they should have Italian or Chinese cuisine for lunch. Look at the wars being waged for resources. By the time the war is done, half the resources are gone and so are the people. What is the point of all this? All this results in misery and chaos. These problems can be stopped if decide to put our differences aside and realize that we are all part of a community. This may sound very cliched, but that’s it folks. It is as simple as it gets. A man differs from a woman, but they are both humans. Humans differ from animals and plants, but they are all living beings. Living beings exist with non-living beings, but they are both part of the universe. Only when people see the bigger picture and broaden their perspective, will we attain peace.


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