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The Gaming Enthusiast

Usually, when people encounter the word “gamer”, the first thing that comes to their mind is some geeky kid sitting in his parent’s basement all day blowing something up (virtually). Yea, gamers are also stereotyped to be guys for some reason. Also, many people consider gamers to be friendless people who are afraid to face life and hence, are always “living” in a virtual world. Gaming is considered a waste of time by a lot of people. It is considered a form of addiction. The term “Video-Game Addict” has been coined to generalize this segment of society. But wait, what about music addicts? What about television addicts?  Sure some people play video games for hours at an end, but a lot of people watch television for unnatural hours too. “Hold on, at least you learn something from T.V!” is what a “responsible member of society” would tell you. Well, I’m not disagreeing with that point. Sure you learn a lot of things from television, but so do you from video games! For example, I learnt a lot about World War 2 from the Medal of Honor series. I learnt the basics of handling a home from the Sims series. Sure they aren’t accurate representation of the real world, but so isn’t T.V. Besides, learning something is better than learning nothing. Gaming, specifically online gaming, introduces you to various cultures too. You meet people from different parts of the world and from different walks of life. Tell me, isn’t it much better to learn about Japan from an actual resident of Japan who lives and breathes the air of that land? Gaming is also an excellent stress buster. It provides a safe outlet to people to express their aggressive tendencies, without actually hurting anyone. Gaming also opens doors to new worlds to people. Ask any Role-Playing Game enthusiast, the feeling you get when you traverse through a dragon infested forest with a darkly lit sky contrasted by the rays of a moon which is blood-red in color looking for lost treasure is something totally out of this world! Truly, gaming is something totally unique! A lot of people ask gamers, why do you game? Well, I have answered that question above with examples. If you notice carefully, there is something that connects all of the examples above. It’s fun. Gaming is such a positive experience! Not enough people make fun a priority in life. Everyone is busy solving problems and being stressed out. I am not saying that you must shun your responsibilities. No absolutely not. However, you must know how to let loose once in a while. For me and millions of other people worldwide, gaming helps us make fun a priority in life!


3 Responses to “The Gaming Enthusiast”

  1. And, GTA too teaches moral values… like… er… never mind. 😉 Just kidding. A very good piece that shatters some stereotypical idiots (if I could call them that).

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